It begins with you

Digital Kickstarter


It begins with you

Digital Kickstarter

Challenge begins with you because, at ABB, you can realize your greatest ambitions.

I have been with ABB more than nine years, but the past year has been the most exciting. This is because I’m in charge of the company’s move into e-commerce, which really comes down to a whole new way of selling our products and services to customers online. E-commerce is growing fast in China, but things are still a bit slow on the industry side. Going digital is a radical step for an industrial giant like ABB, and I’m proud we are the first ABB business unit in the world to take it.

I believe in what we’re doing because there’s a different mentality out there – a digital mentality – and it’s coming our way. It puts a lot of value on keeping an open mind, sharing, exchanging and collaborating in totally new ways. We have to look forward and do things differently, maybe even be a bit brave. Sometimes, when I think of all of the opportunities in China and beyond, I feel a little like a superhero. I think we all do.

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It’s exciting to lead our business into the digital age.

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Marketing & Sales
Shanghai, China

Leading the e-commerce initiative for low-voltage products in China

Hanson started at ABB in 2005 as a junior purchaser in Xiamen, China. After six months, he moved to Italy for a two-year marketing assignment and then to England. Hanson brought an entrepreneurial spirit back to China, where he has been based since 2008 and now leads the e-commerce initiative in the low-voltage product business for home and industry. From the launch of ABB flagship stores on Tmall and Alibaba, to the training of ABB business units in China, Hanson carries his conviction in the power of digital solutions wherever he goes.