It begins with you

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It begins with you

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Commitment begins with you because, at ABB, we bring together the best to drive results.

I am the local product manager for PASS, which stands for “Plug and Switch System”. This is a compact and reliable solution for high voltage electricity transmission. PASS is a widely installed switchgear in the world, protecting networks in different applications, ranging from offshore wind farms to power plants and railway systems. In the past I worked in the international sales team and I was fortunate enough to represent ABB at several international forums and seminars.

In my current position, I act as a bridge between customers, the sales and marketing team and R&D. I try to understand all aspects of my customers’ requirements, not just the technical specifications, so that we can produce a superior product.

When customers come to visit, I like to take them to the famous sites in the area. One of my favorite places is the 150-year-old Maharaja palace. Talking to customers while visiting a site helps me do my job better. Such informal set up generally leads to fresh insights about customer needs. One customer wanted to increase the capacity of a power substation. Conventional equipment uses a lot of space and nowadays it is a real challenge to obtain land. We used this insight to develop equipment that is not only cost and energy-efficient but also uses less space. 

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I get to use my technical expertise, as well as my sales and marketing skills. Being able to participate in both sides of the process is what makes my job special.

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Rajdeepak Pandey

Product Management
Vadodara, India

Product management for hybrid switchgear PASS

Rajdeepak is a product manager at the Electrification Products division in India. He joined ABB in 2002 as a management trainee and, since then, has focused on expanding his skills in management, finance, marketing and sales. These skills, in combination with his technical expertise, enabled Rajdeepak to initiate the CHTET PASS, a Lotus project to develop cost-effective PASS products for the Indian market. Before focusing on the Indian market, Rajdeepak was part of the international sales team and represented ABB at international conferences and forums. When he is not working, he enjoys reading and traveling, both internationally and to the many historical sites in India.