It begins with you

Dynamic Interactor


It begins with you

Dynamic Interactor

Conviction begins with you because, at ABB, together we find new ways to solve customer challenges.

The best part of my job is interacting with customers around the world, understanding what their needs are and delivering solutions that are even better than expected. I like to surprise my customer with our efficient & best in class products, as well as speed with which we deliver solutions.

In a recent project in a steel mill in Malaysia, we had a timeframe of 15 days to replace the mill’s entire control system. The project was a first of its kind for the ABB Metals Team because of its size, scope and complexity. The timeline was very ambitious, but we wanted to minimize the downtime and the associated costs. The customer was skeptical at first but delighted when we finished the project on time with a technically superior solution. Impressed and happy customers are a fantastic reward for hard work on challenging projects.

Achieving results like this is possible only with a great team. In this project, everybody took responsibility for their part of the process. For me as a team manager, it was amazing to work with a team that was so dedicated to our goal. We all have different technical backgrounds, and what I like best about my colleagues at ABB is the fact that they are always willing to acquire additional skills to deliver the best results possible. This way we can help our customers increase industrial performance with smart solutions that are also good for the planet, by reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

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Impressed and happy customers are a fantastic reward for hard work on challenging projects.

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Vishal Jana

Project Management, Electrical Automation & Drives
Bengaluru, India

Project management for electrical automation and drives

Vishal Jana is a team manager for the business unit Process Industries in the Electrical Automation & Drives domain. During his 10 years at ABB, he has acquired a multitude of technical and interpersonal skills and worked on large-scale projects with demanding schedules in steel mills around the world. As a team manager, he enjoys working with people from different technical and cultural backgrounds, and encourages his team members to share their perspectives so that everybody benefits from each person’s unique contribution. When taking time off, Vishal enjoys traveling and learning about other cultures.