It begins with you

Research Guru


It begins with you

Research Guru

Discovery begins with you because, at ABB, you work on solutions today for the challenges of tomorrow.

I’m working as a project leader on applications for a new semiconductor technology. Wide bandgap (WBG) technology can be used in various power electronic applications, such as solar and low-voltage drives, as well as in electric vehicle and transportation systems. As for what it does, WBG can enable cheaper, smaller, lighter and more efficient power electronics. According to PowerAmerica, it could save enough electricity to power millions of homes every year! The new technology will further reduce the conversion loss related to transmission and distribution, increasing overall efficiency and decreasing carbon emissions.

This is the core of my work: technology that could revolutionize the power grid, transportation systems and renewable energy conversion. We’re doing research, not product development, and this means asking open questions. But asking these questions allows you to come up with solutions that nobody has thought of before.

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I know exactly what I’m working toward – doing something beneficial to the environment.

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Corporate Research
Raleigh, USA

Research and development for ABB power electronics    

Jing joined ABB’s US corporate research center as a PhD student in 2008. Today, she is a Principal R&D Scientist in Power Electronics. Leading a team of five, Jing works primarily on new semiconductor technology applications, the potential impact of which has been recognized by PowerAmercia, the US Department of Energy’s public-private initiative. She remains close to the academic research community and helps ABB develop patents in the area of large-scale energy efficiency.