It begins with you

Forward Thinker


It begins with you

Forward Thinker

Initiative begins with you because, at ABB, you can take technology to the next level.

I’m the product manager for the i-jia project, the new smart home system we developed here in China. This technology allows you to control home appliances with a smartphone app, so it makes daily life easier – I know because I use i-jia myself. I can turn on the lights, lower the blinds and even start the air conditioning to cool the room before I get home. There were a lot of technical challenges because we were working with magnet technology, mesh networks and the creation of apps. But we made it happen. I’m still proud of the day we launched i-jia at a big exhibition in Shanghai.

The i-jia product helps to make people’s lives a bit easier, and my team and I are always on the lookout for new ideas and applications for home and industry. The same ABB technology, for example, already helps to regulate the lighting at one of Shanghai’s main airports. If one of us can conceptualize or design a product to improve some part of our lives, then it can probably be realized.

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I’m always on the lookout for new applications for our smart home technology.

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Product Management
Xiamen, China

From smart homes to smart airports    

Paul joined ABB in 2013. As a senior engineer, he brings technical expertise to his work on high-profile automation projects. From the i-jia smart home system to large-scale applications of the same technology – at one of Shanghai’s main airports, for example – Paul is proud to search for tomorrow’s energy-efficient solutions at home and beyond.