It begins with you

Challenge Seeker


It begins with you

Challenge Seeker

Ownership begins with you because, at ABB, you are in charge of solving some of the world’s most complex challenges.

I’m part of a team that works to constantly improve one of ABB’s big industrial automation systems. We’re always getting customer feedback and results from system testing, so every day there are new challenges to solve around system functionality, design and user experience. This suits me because I’ve always been very interested in a lot of different things and how stuff works.

What I appreciate is how every decision we make is a reflection of the whole team’s thinking. Nobody finds it uncomfortable to walk up to someone’s desk and start a discussion – that’s why everybody has these little stools at their desks! “Collaborative” pretty much describes how we work, but I still have to solve complex problems on my own. I’m not sure it can be translated from Swedish, but one of my managers always said that we operate with “freedom with responsibility”. We have a lot of independence when it comes to how and when we want to work, as long as we deliver.

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Every day, I feel like I’ve learned something new.

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Product Management
Västerås, Sweden

Developing control technologies for ABB industrial automation    

Lweendo participated in the 2013 Swedish ABB Graduate Trainee program for engineers, completing three diverse rotations before joining the Control Technologies business in 2014. Today, she works as a product manager on software development, design and product strategy for 800xA Operations, at the heart of ABB’s industrial automation capabilities. As the link between the customer and numerous ABB units, Lweendo always looks forward to a new and unexpected challenge. Her next project will take her to Singapore, where she previously studied mechanical engineering as an exchange student.