It begins with you

Global Troubleshooter


It begins with you

Global Troubleshooter

Trust begins with you because, at ABB, we put customers at the heart of our business.

If someone calls me, they’re usually not calling just to say hi, but because they have a technical issue with a robot. My team and I are the ones who try to solve it remotely to get the robot back up in production. This can take a lot of digging. I always try to imagine what the person on the other end of the line is experiencing while keeping in mind how the machine is supposed to work. Even with the software we’re developing to make it easier to identify the issue, we still have to know all the robots well – and we’ve been building them since 1972! And with the new models, we might be facing an issue for the first time. So we’re kind of on the front line, taking input from the customers and then working closely with the factory to find the answers.

We provide 24/7/365 technical support, and my team and I are basically talking about robots all the time. Once, in a presentation to some colleagues who spend far less time around robots, I said, When the robot’s doing this, it’s feeling that it has an over-torque so it gives you this alarm, and the robot moves here because it thinks this… They said, How can you say a robot feels or thinks? It’s not a human, it’s a machine! I had to laugh, but when you work with robots as much as we do, you learn that each one has a purpose. Every robot works in a different way and is better at some things than others. It’s our job to really get to know the robots, and in a funny way we start to understand them.

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The satisfaction you get when you help someone solve an issue is priceless.

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Technical Support
Auburn Hills, USA

Providing technical support for ABB industrial robots

David joined ABB in Mexico as a Power Systems intern in 2008, moving to Robotics as a Technical Support Engineer four months later. Today, he manages the call center in the US and, with his team of 12, provides technical support to ABB’s industrial robot customers whenever they need it. Apart from the satisfaction that comes with helping others solve their problems, David enjoys staying on top of ABB’s cutting-edge technology once it’s put to use in the field.